Imran Khan worked close with Bookies?

Time magazine has reported that in 1992 Imran Khan had asked his friend in Pakistan to bet on Pakistan's favours as Pakistan was at 50-1 odds. In 17 dec 2012 Time magazine Imran Khan had asked his friend because he knew that he will win. This leads to fears that Imran khan was working close to Bookies and had intentionally lost some of the initial matches as he knew Pakistan cold win the cup easily. Experts of the game of Cricket recall that he (Imran ) had also dropped Javed Miandad from the initial squad. Imran khan had also declared himself unfit in the first match against West Indies in 1992 World Cup and participated as a non-playing captain.. This resulted in Pakistan losing initially but not getting out of the tournament. Purpose? Obviously Pakistan's early loses resulted in Pakistan's odds getting heavier in the gambling. So after it reached 50 -1, Imran played with full strength so he could get maximum returns  from bookies. His interview in the recent Time magazine may not have confirmed his direct involvement but it does confirm he was following  bookies rates keenly and had been suggesting his friend on Betting. Is it not a dishonesty? Shall we hand over our country to such a person???

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